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Frequently Asked Questions:

Spring Water Delivery Services

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The following are frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer to your question. Please complete the form below and one of our team members will follow up promptly.

What else do you deliver?
We also have spring water, distilled water, and fluoridated water in a variety of packages. See our products page.
I have a water filter on my refrigerator or sink. Why use bottled water?
Most high quality filters are expensive to replace…often not much different than the cost of your water service. Also, people tend to prefer spring water from a protected source that does not travel through miles of pipes below your town.
Can I pay by credit or debit card?
Yes. We take Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. You can pay with your credit or debit card automatically each month or only when you instruct us to do so.
How do I reschedule or request an extra delivery?
Call our office at 508-833-7873 and we will schedule you on the next available truck.
Is it better to own or rent a cooler?
Both have advantages.  Long term it can be cheaper to buy your own cooler than rent.  The advantage to renting a cooler is that you are sure to get a commercial grade cooler that will be ice cold and plenty hot (if you opt for a hot & cold cooler).  Also when you rent, any problems with your coolers are our problems.  Simply notify us that your cooler is not working properly and we will replace it.
What if I have my own cooler?
No problem.  All of our bottles are universal and will fit on any cooler.
Do I need to be home to accept delivery?
No. Just leave your empty bottles out on delivery day and we will replace them.
How do bottle deposits work?
Deposits are charged for bottles delivered to you. When they are returned, we give you a credit for them. Most deliveries result in no deposits being charged because you normally will only replace the same number of full bottles as your empty bottles.
How do deliveries work?
You will be given a schedule and deliveries are typically once a month. You do not need to be home for deliveries. Just leave your empty bottles out and we will replace them.
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    • Do not place water bottles or cooler on hardwood floors or any other flooring that may get damaged from spills or leaks.


    • You must inspect all bottles within 24 hours of delivery and report any problems to JMJ Beverage at 508-833-7873.


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